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The College of Human Ecology at Seoul National University was founded with the academic mission of improving the quality of life of individual and households focusing on interactions between humans and their surrounding environments and systems. In the College of Human Ecology, we conduct research that can provide academic knowledge for how to improve the world surrounding individuals and households, and strive to translate that knowledge into public policies, education, and private practices.

The history of our college goes back to the Department of Home Economics at Gyungsung Women’s Educational School established in 1935 and the Department of Home Economics Education at the College of Education of Seoul National University from 1946 till 1968. In 1969, with the recognition of the importance of having a unique academic discipline that focuses on the quality of life of households as a unit, the College of Home Economics was established. The name of college was changed to the College of Human Ecology in 1997 to reflect its identity more clearly. In 2010, the college moved to a new building to prepare for its second leap.

Currently, there are 4 academic departments in the College of Human Ecology. Thirty-two full time professors including 3 foreign professors work together with over 600 undergraduate students and 200 graduate students in the Departments of Consumer Sciences, Child and Family Studies, Food and Nutrition, and Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design. Currently 24 students from overseas are registered in the college and about 25 students in the college participate in overseas exchange programs at sister universities overseas every year. More than 6,200 alumni that were trained in the college now play key roles in domestic and international societies.

Fast changing market environments, the aging of society, growing government-level support for healthy family and consumers, increased interest in healthy diets, and advances in the fashion industry demand a greater role of the college in public and private sectors with human oriented perspectives and analytics and problem solving competencies. The College of Human Ecology at Seoul National University will continue to function as a distinguished educational institution for future leaders and a world class research institution. I hope you will continue your interest and support in our journey to excellence.

Thank you.

Hwang, Keum Taek
College of Human Ecology
Seoul National University


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