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Department of Food & Nutrition


The The Department of Food and Nutrition aims to improve diet quality and health of human beings through education and research on food and nutritional science.

The undergraduate curriculum includes introductory chemistry and biology, as well as advanced courses in food science, nutrition, and food & nutrition management. The food science courses are designed to help students acquire understanding of food quality and how to evaluate it. This leads towards entry-level positions in product development and quality control in the food industry. Students acquire expertise in nutritional assessment and care, as well as food service management systems, in order to become health service professionals. Students who complete the curriculum are eligible for the national examination for licensed dietitians.

The graduate program is designed to specialize in the areas of food science, nutrition, or food ser-vice. Research in food science involves the analytical, chemical, physicochemical, microbiological and toxicological aspects of food. Research in nutrition deals with applied nutrition as well as basic biochemical nutrition to understand the role of nutrition in improving human health. Contempo-rary health issues such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and obesity are addressed. Research in food service mainly deals with institutional food service systems and policies. aims to improve diet quality and health of human beings through education and research on food and nutritional science.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Basic Courses
Human Physiology / Organic Chemistry / Biochemistry / Food Chemistry / Basic Nutrition / Food Preparation & Lab / Food and Culture


Advanced Courses

Food Science
  • Food Materials
  • Food Microbiology & Lab
  • Food Analysis Lab
  • Food Evaluation and Experimental Cooking & Lab
  • Food Processing and Preservation
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
Human Nutrtion
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Molecular Nutrition
  • Nutritional Chemistry Lab
  • Life Cycle Nutrition
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Diet Therapy & Lab
  • Community Nutrition
  • Nutrition Education and Counseling
Food & Nutrition Management
  • Meal Management & Lab
  • Quantity Food Service Management & Lab
  • Foodservice Administration
  • Practice in Dietetics


department of food
Kwon, Young Hye Ph.D., Cornell University Molecular Nutrition & Nutritional Genomics Lab.
Kwon, Hoonjeong Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Food Toxicology Lab.
Paik, Hee Young Ph.D., Harvard University Human Nutrition Lab.
Shin, Dong-Mi Ph.D., Seoul National University Nutritional Physiology Lab.
Yoon, Jihyun Ph.D., Purdue University Food Service & Marketing Research Lab.
Ji, Geun Eog Ph.D., Louisiana State University Food Microbiology Lab.
Han, Sung Nim Ph.D., Tufts University Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Immunology Lab.
Hwang, Keum Taek Ph.D., Cornell University Functional Foods and Advanced Bio-materials Lab.
Hwang, In-Kyeong Ph.D., University of Geoergia Food Science Lab.

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